Ramadan Means … by Laila Sabreen

In one word, Ramadan means to me CONNECTION. I find that Ramadan is a time for me to slow down and be more conscious of how I connect with Allah and the communities that I am part of. 

I like to be more intentional about connecting with Allah through fasting and scheduling time in my day to read the Quran. In addition, the Ramadan memes that circulate Muslim Twitter tend to be hilarious, and I appreciate how Ramadan can foster connection both online and in virtual spaces. I love how Ramadan really brings together the ummah through a shared experience.

I also like to embrace connection through volunteering and charity work. Though I engage in volunteer work regularly, I especially like to take time during Ramadan to clean out my closet for donation and/or to donate to a non-profit whose cause I care deeply about. Both of those acts help me to connect with people or organizations that are addressing social problems and helping to create change.

Ramadan is also a time to connect with my family and to celebrate with them! I think this is actually going to be my first Ramadan away from home, since I am currently a college student and back on campus. Though I am used to being with my family, I think the change may actually give me the opportunity to connect at a deeper level with myself. Perhaps that may look like taking more time to journal or taking the time to wake up to properly hydrate and cook myself a nice meal for suhoor. As such, I like to think of Ramadan as a chance for me to check-in with myself and to practice self-care.

Ramadan is such a special time of the year, and I really appreciate how connected it makes me feel in various ways.

Laila Sabreen is a writer of young adult contemporary. Raised in the Washington, DC area, she currently attends Emory University and majors in English and Sociology. Her love of writing began as a love of reading when she fell in love with the Angelina Ballerina series. When she isn’t writing, she can be found working on essays, creating playlists that are way too long, and watching This Is Us.

You can find Laila on Twitter and Instagram.

Laila Sabreen’s You Truly Assumed published earlier this year

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