Ramadan Means … by Nafiza Azad

All relationships, no matter how slight or intimate, need work to be maintained. Especially if, as I have come to discover, that relationship is with the divine, with Allah (swt). So this year, the one word that will encompass Ramadan for me is IBADAH. Being born Muslim, I often felt shoved into a religion everyoneContinue reading “Ramadan Means … by Nafiza Azad”

Ramadan Means … by Kasim Ali

Ramadan means my mother waking me and my siblings up, going downstairs, drinking a glass of water, washing her face, and then walking back upstairs to wake us up again because we all fell back asleep. It means being the one to stay up from iftaar to sehri when Ramadan took place in the summer,Continue reading “Ramadan Means … by Kasim Ali”

Ramadan Means … by S. K. Ali

I find myself savoring more in Ramadan. But not savoring in the “tasting” sense.  Savoring: to spend an extended period of time, more time than usual, focusing joyfully on an awareness that has sharpened — either within us or in the physical world. Like honing in on the sensation of a tiny fruit-fly landing onContinue reading “Ramadan Means … by S. K. Ali”

Ramadan Means … by Laila Sabreen

In one word, Ramadan means to me CONNECTION. I find that Ramadan is a time for me to slow down and be more conscious of how I connect with Allah and the communities that I am part of.  I like to be more intentional about connecting with Allah through fasting and scheduling time in myContinue reading “Ramadan Means … by Laila Sabreen”