Mini Author Q&A ft Sabina Khan

“A timely and honest coming-of-age story that explores the complicated relationship between identity, culture, family, and love.” We are thrilled to have the brilliant Sabina Khan answering a handful of questions about her newly released YA title Zara Hossain is Here. What inspired you to sit down and write Zara Hossain is Here? I wroteContinue reading “Mini Author Q&A ft Sabina Khan”

Mini Author Q&A ft Radiya Hafiza

We’re so excited to have the brilliantly talented Radiya Hafiza on the blog answering a few of our questions!

Rumaysa: A Fairytale is a thing of beauty. Taking well-loved classic fairytales and giving them her own unique twist – while centring Muslimah main characters – Radiya Hafiza weaves together a magical adventure that will make your heart sing…

The Colour of God by Ayesha S Chaudhry [MVP BOOK CLUB PICK]

We are thrilled to announce that our first Muslim Voices in Publishing book club pick is the extraordinary The Colour of God by Ayesha S Chaudhry ‘Engrossing.’ Monica Ali ‘Heartbreaking and really funny.’ Ross Gay ‘This book fell into my heart.’ Sabrina Mahfouz ‘The kind of authentic voice that is rarely heard.’ Saima Mir ThisContinue reading “The Colour of God by Ayesha S Chaudhry [MVP BOOK CLUB PICK]”